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If you would like to assign to us your property for sale or letting, fill out the form below giving us your details and the key features of the property and we will contact you as soon as possible. The real estate agency Agora Realty is at your disposal for any questions you have.

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Property assignment

If you own or manage a property and you are interested in selling or letting it easily and fast, assign your property to the experienced real estate agents of Agora Realty. Click "Read more" to go to the Property Assignment Form.

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Property search

If you would like to buy or rent a residential or commercial property in Thessaloniki and Northern Greece, the real estate agency Agora Realty guarantees the best option based on your various criteria. Click "Read more" to go to the Property Request Form.

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Find answers to the various questions you may have about the role of a real estate agency and the purchase process of a property, by clicking "Read more".

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