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The real estate agency Agora Realty has a long relationship with investors and businesses, as well as a deep and substantial knowledge of the market of Thessaloniki and Northern Greece. Our agency can offer advice on investments in Thessaloniki and the extended region of Macedonia, e.g. the prefecture of Chalkidiki, Kavala, Pella, Litochoro, the island of  Thassos and other. Investment types include flats, land, entire buildings/complexes or shares of companies already in operation.

Agora Realty has a large clientele of prospective sellers and buyers in Thessaloniki and Northern Greece. Among them are local businesses, businesses with operation in a national level and international brands. The thorough knowledge of the real estate market allows us to create a complete financial analysis regarding an investment property; which can be vacant or leased, with potential value growth or for an investment portfolio.

Why invest in real estate ?

Although the real estate market in Greece has struggled considerably during the last years, the decline in prices and the objective values of properties doesn’t only affect negatively the owners but also opens up opportunities for investors and individuals from Greece or abroad, who now are able to afford properties offered at very attractive prices. Investing in real estate is regarded as a secure option compared to other investment types like the stock exchange. Even if the real estate market is still very dynamic, changes in prices are gradual and investors have always the time to react appropriately in order to prevent negative returns, a characteristic that other markets cannot guarantee.

Why choose the real estate agency Agora Realty ?

To make a property investment one should take into account a number of different factors, these include the price in relation to the market trend, the past performance of the investment, the growth prospects of the region and the building regulations, in case you wish to invest in land. The real estate agency Agora Realty undertakes all this research and collects all the relevant information,  based on which we propose properties that meet your investment profile, the type of investment you want and the budget you have. With the detailed study and search for the best investment for you and after you have made your choice of property, we are able to negotiate the purchase price to 100% in line with the market prices.

Finally, the real estate agency Agora Realty always informs investors and businessmen in Thessaloniki when there is a property that is believed to “fit” with their profile. Agora Realty maintains long-lasting contact with their clients and makes sure that are aware of opportunities that can lead to their growth.

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